8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

Promote on Pinterest

Pinterest Branding: How to Promote Your Brand Are you using Pinterest to promote your brand? Pinterest has turned into the “go-to” social network when you want to buy product, find a recipe, plan a wedding, and much more! It is the third most popular social media site and I am shocked when I learn that…

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10 Biggest Mistakes when Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business Mistakes

Are you Making these Mistakes on Pinterest? Knowing what to do correctly on Pinterest is very important, yet so is knowing what NOT to do.  Pinterest is a great resource for my business and I have received a lot of attention once I started using Pinterest the correct way. Unfortunately, most business owners haven’t figured…

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Build a Client List with a Pinterest Promotion

Let a Pinterest Promotion Build your Client List for You! Did you know that you can use Pinterest to build your client email list?  Not everyone is using Pinterest to build a list which surprises me because I gained more clients on Pinterest than any other social media network. If your business provides strictly services, then…

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Pinterest Marketing: Creative Ways to Sell Products

Selling Products with Pinterest is a Snap There are many creative ways to sell products on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, many business owners don’t take the time to invest in photography or to shed their products in a different light.  Once you have the ideas, pinning the image is a snap! 6 Creative Ways to Sell Products…

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9 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand

Is Pinterest Marketing a Part of Your Strategy? Everywhere you turn social media sites are focusing more on visual storytelling:  Facebook purchases Instagram, Twitter is now showing images in their feed, the newest craze are animated GIFs on Tumblr, and the increasing popularity of vibrant images and infographics on Pinterest.  It isn’t surprising we are attracted…

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