Lack of Consistency is Death to Your Social Media Presense

Brand Consistency

Breathe Life into Your Social Media Presence with Consistency

As a small business owner, finding time to manage my business and family life is a big challenge. I am sure you can relate! Raising three children, handling finances, home maintenance, creating new content, and marketing my business doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Unfortunately, when I feel overwhelmed I move something to sit on the back burner. For me, social media ends up being the ingredient that sits in the pot for days waiting for the cook to add a little spice.

Over the past few months I now focus more on social media consistency and I see a positive result. The most exciting result from this effort is a Joint Venture partner wanting to promote my Profit Pinning Training Program for Pinterest. Now that is exciting!

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How to Keep Your Brand Consistent

Consistency is more than the number of times you post per day, it also includes engagement and keeping your brand message similar on every platform. Keeping your message relevant and repetitive will cause people to remember your brand over someone else’s.

So check out these simple ways to keep your brand consistent across the different social platforms and get remembered more often.

1. Visually Consistent.

We all relate to visual learning. In fact, 75% of learning takes place through sight.  So what a person sees on social media will definitely determine if they will want to follow your brand and become a loyal customer.  Here are some areas that you need to remain consistent.

Logo: Include your logo on your images as people become loyal and trust brands they recognize online.

Colors: Does your brand’s website have specific colors? Then be sure to use those with your logo. This is one of the ways you can brand your company and your products.

Same Image: Use the same images on all the platforms. Some people have their favorites, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ are mine right now. You need to post the same picture on all of them so that customers that use multiple platforms will see the same image and message. This creates muscle memory!

Granted, it can be boring using the same colors, logo, and image but it is more important to create brand awareness and repetition than it is to make your day exciting.  Below shows the same Oreo post on Facebook (the first picture) and Twitter.

oreo_facebook      oreo_twitter

2. Engage Consistently.

The toughest lesson I learned and am still learning on social media is to be yourself. You don’t have to use big words to sound smart. In fact, if you are yourself you will attract the right customers.

Just know who your audience is and help to solve their problems. Marketing isn’t about promoting yourself or products, it is about giving and helping others. When you help others, they can’t help but tell others. This will grow your exposure.

Respond to as many customer comments as possible. Give them encouraging messages, thank them, inspire them, and give helpful tips and advice when possible.

3. Handle Complaints Publicly & Sincerely

I think the only negative about social media is that customers can air out their dirty laundry and complain about your business just because they had a bad day. More and more people want to rant and rave about their bad experiences. The good thing is that no business is perfect. No one expects perfection, they DO expect your business to care about what they care about and to fix the problem to their satisfaction.

So instead of deleting their negative comment, post a public apology and ask them to send you a private message so that you can contact them directly to correct their unfortunate experience. I would say something like…

“I am so sorry for your experience and we are embarrassed that happened. Your experience does not meet our standards and I want to make this right for you. Please send me your contact information to _________ so I can correct this and exceed your expectations.”

You don’t have to use this same verbiage, but do figure out how you want to handle public complaints because it will happen on social media.

I hope all these hints are helpful and demonstrates the simple reason why you need to be consistent in your message.  To be consistent you first need a marketing plan.

Learning to Strategize your Brand’s Message

One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting my business was constantly changing my brand name and product ideas.  I wasted so much time working on the wrong things or changing my mind it kept me from getting my program off the ground for more than a year and a half.  Ridiculous!!!  The ONLY reason why it took me so long is because I didn’t have a clear plan on what my brand stood for, my company short term and long term goals, and how I would market my business online.

I don’t want you to go through what I did.  I also don’t want you to fail in creating a successful marketing plan for your products or services.  Below is a portion of my Profit Pinning course that is dedicated to walking you through step-by-step to build an awesome brand message and marketing plan.  Check it out!


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