Create Eye-Catching Images for Pinterest Success

Eye Catching Pins

How to Create Eye-Catching Pins for Pinterest


Having success on Pinterest is ALL about catching someone’s eye.  The images that are most successful on Pinterest contain great color, clear resolution, with a simple message, and of course the correct size.

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Here are some simple pointers that can make all the difference in the world when you follow them while creating your pins.

1)  Size of the Image.  Yes, it is official, you can win the argument that size matters on Pinterest.  The smaller pictures don’t grab someone’s attention and it can’t include a simple message to get a user to click on it.  I would suggest a minimum of 600 – 800 pixels in width.

2)  Creativity.  You don’t have to be a photographer to create an eye-catching Pinterest pin.  There are a lot of resources you can use.  First, sign up for Canva.  It has multiple sizes of templates to start with for every social media platform you can think of.  The template for Pinterest is sized at 735 x 1102.  You can upload your own images and add lots of different banners, different size text, lines, shapes, picture frames, etc.  You could spend an entire day playing around on Canva.  The image above was created in Canva within 2 minutes.

3)  Clarity.  One of the fastest ways to grab attention with a photo is to ensure it is simple, clean, and high resolution.  You don’t want someone to have to spend a lot of time figuring out what is in your blurry picture.

4)  Connect Emotionally.  Try and find an image that will create an emotional reaction with your client.  Are you going for the “awww factor”, or the “fear factor”?  Take the time to figure out what you want your client to feel and then search for the best picture.  I like to use  You can purchase credits and then use the credits to download high resolution images.

5)  Tell a Story.  People can connect emotionally if it applies to their lifestyle or something that has happened to them.  Be sure to tell your brand’s story or product story.  This can help to build trust with your audience and gain lifelong customers.  For more ideas on how to tell a story, click here.


Pinterest can be a lot more challenging than people think when they first get started.  Many business owners will pin pictures of their products that include a price tag and then get upset when they don’t make a sale.  If you are using this strategy on Pinterest, you will probably fail.

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