Create Quotes that Get Pinned on Pinterest

create quotes

Create Quotes in Seconds that Get Pinned on Pinterest

Create Quotes that Attract

If I had a penny every time one of my quote images received a like or a repin on Pinterest, then I wouldn’t need to market my business online. I only need to pin more quotes!

Quotes are popular and always will be.

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When someone is feeling sad, a quote can give them energy and motivate them to be happier.

You want to create quotes that tell the real story about about your business.  You want to encourage your customers, to add laughter to their life, and of course to get more attention on Pinterest.

You can create quotes with messages from your book, your business’s culture, your videos, or use a someone else’s popular quote (just be sure to give them credit).

You will want to bookmark this article because I am going to give you five design tools to create quotes that can be used on any social media and get lots of attention on Pinterest.

Create Quotes with these Free Design Tools

1. Quotes Cover. This is my favorite so I am sharing it first.  In Quotes Cover you can pull from the popular quotes they have in their database or your can insert your own quote.  You are able to change the font, color, upload a background picture, and add shapes.  There are also templates that support many of the social media platforms.  This is so simple!

create quotes

 Here is an example of the Facebook Cover Page from the quote that was entered above.

create quotes

2. Recite This.  There are multiple templates to choose from when using Recite This.  This site is very basic as you can’t make changes to the template, but they have some great background pictures.

create qutoes

3. Quozio.  Quozio is similar to Recite This as you type in your quote, who said it, and then templates will pop up with different backgrounds to choose from.  This is more basic than Recite This but it still has some great options.

create quotes

4. The generator in allows you to insert certain icons and to change the font and background color.  You can’t upload a picture and the backgrounds offered are only a plain color.   But you want to offer variety in your pins and simple sometimes gets the most attention.

create quote

5. Some Ecards. You have probably seen these all over social media, but did you know that people create them?  I didn’t know this until I found this website.  You can write what you want on the card, change the background color, and insert their images.  They have a large variety of different pictures to use so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best one for your quote.

create quotes

Have you found a quote generator that you love?  If so, then please include the company website and why you love it in the comments below.  My readers are always looking for great resources to help them build their business on Pinterest.

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