8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

Promote on Pinterest

Pinterest Branding: How to Promote Your Brand

Are you using Pinterest to promote your brand?

Pinterest has turned into the “go-to” social network when you want to buy product, find a recipe, plan a wedding, and much more! It is the third most popular social media site and I am shocked when I learn that most business owners, online marketers, and photographers are not using Pinterest to promote their business.

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Pinterest isn’t just a social media site, it is probably the most trusted site for women and 79% of the users on Pinterest are female.

Tweetable:  Approximately 81% of U.S. women trust Pinterest as a source of information & advice! @cherylwebtv

A lot of people misunderstand how Pinterest should be used.  Pinterest isn’t just about pinning images of products; it is learning how to build relationships with your customers and by showing your products and services in a creative, unique way.

8 Ways on How to Promote with Pinterest

Tip #1:  Support Your Community

People support brands that support a cause.  So get involved.  If not locally, then globally.  People have a tendency to purchase from a brand if they support a cause the customer believes in.   Having this passion in common can help you reach a broader audience.  People need to know that you care about the things happening in the world and not just building profits.

promote on pinterest

Tip #2:  Create a Sense of Family

Some of us may like our family more than others, but I can promise that when the chips are down, family typically comes through in the end.  So celebrate special occasions with them just like family.  Southwest is having some fun with their board 41 Years of SWAwsome Holidays’ and one of their pins include Santa Claus safely directing in one of the their SW planes (I hope).

Visual Storytellinb
Tip #3:  Lifestyle Tips

Do you have a product that can improve someone’s lifestyle?  It can be as simple as how to get a wine stain out of a white shirt.  Hey, moms are always looking for short cuts.  In fact, 68% of Pinterest users are women with half of those being mothers.  Think about your customer and how your products can help them.   Ask yourself, what does my brand do to help improve lives and make things easier?

promote on pinterest                     promote on pinterest

Tip #4:  Use Customer’s Stories

The best stories told about your brand is from your customers’ point of view.  You can use your customer’s reviews or testimonies and turn them in to quotes and pin them.  These can be linked to a testimonial page on your website.  Also, video is very powerful.  You can create a board dedicated to testimonials or you can pin them on a specific product board.

Visual Storytelling

Tip #5:  Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes a peak behind the curtain of a brand.  What does their work environment look like and what type of people are employed?  Do you remember the show MTV Cribs?  People loved that show because they were able to see how their favorite celebrity lived.  Your fans will appreciate giving them a peak behind the scenes of your brand’s success.  Here are a few examples from Petplan Pet Insurance.   

Visual Storytelling

Tip #6:  Celebrate the Past

When I was a young girl, I loved to hear stories about my heritage.  Learning how your family tree can be fascinating and so is learning about how a brand got started.  Southwest Airlines does the best job of celebrating their past on Pinterest.  It is their Vintage board that shows their old planes and their old uniforms.

Visual Storytelling

 Tip #7:  Company History

We are living in times where change is happening faster than ever.  Another way to show how your company has evolved is to include a board about the company history.  Here is a good example of the McDonald’s sharing its original logo and mascot on their Golden Arches History board.  Where would McDonald’s be today without Ronald?

Visual Storytelling

Tip #8:  Promote Your Pinterest Profile

There are many different ways to promote your profile yet here is Nordstrom placing a Pinterest tag on some of their products throughout the store.  This is such a great idea!  Bring the Pinterest to your customers.

promote on pinterest

Now it is your turn…

What did I forget?  There are many ways to use Pinterest to promote your brand, what is one of your best strategies?

Happy Pinning,

Cheryl  Stinchcomb



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