Learn How to Make Money with Pinterest

Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money Marketing on Pinterest

Why are so many business owners beginning to focus on Pinterest?

Pinterest has so much power  in the social media world and they just continue to gain more and more attention.  I can’t believe the long life of a pin.  One of my most popular pins was pinned more than 6 months ago and it is still driving traffic to my website.  Can you say the same thing about Facebook and Twitter?  I bet not!

There are many statistics that I could share about Pinterest, but these are some of the top reasons for business owners to start marketing on Pinterest.

Attract More Buying Customers with Pinterest

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Make Money with Pinterest

Shoppers are on Pinterest

Connecting with customers through social media is a great way to increase sales revenue; Researchers at Aalto University found that customers who participate on a company’s social media site contribute 5.6% more revenue and visit the business about 5% more than customers unconnected by social media. (Source: Aalto University) It’s important to remember what the strengths of each Social media site are; Facebook is for connecting with friends, Twitter is good for disseminating news and Pinterest shines at sales.  This estimate beats out both Facebook and Twitter, which stand at 33% and 31% respectively.

Pinterest Motivates your Buyers

People love to spend time on Pinterest and around 79% of Pinterest users are women.  People use Pinterest to track the things they like, keep up with the latest trends, and to get special offers.

This number is especially interesting when you consider the relative trustworthiness of competing networks; Facebook and Twitter lag behind at 67% and 73% respectively. Blogs match Pinterest in trustworthiness at 81%.

The bottom line, is if you aren’t on Pinterest you are missing out.  Pinterest is hot and getting HOTTER!  I think the biggest challenge is that many business owners don’t understand the philosophy of what to pin to increase brand awareness or how to sell products on Pinterest.  So here are multiple ways to promote your services and products to make money with Pinterest.

The 19 Ways to Make Money With Pinterest

Offering Services or Non-Physical Products

Selling products is easier than offering services; however, with a little creativity you can really capture your target market’s attention when you put these four tactics into play.

1. Portfolio.  Create a SPECIFIC portfolio board (photographer, wedding planner, fitness instructor, artist, arts & crafts). If you are an artist, create boards around a specific type of art. Then link those pins back to your portfolio where you can feature more of your work and offer a sale.  Now Pinterest has a “showcase”.  I LOVE it!  You can select up to 5 boards and it looks like an online catalog.

2. Customer Testimonials.  Turn customer testimonials into a fancy quote image. Testimonials really do help sell more product, this is a different way to share your customer’s opinions about your services.
Profit Pinning Testimonial
3. Informational or Training Videos.  Pin videos that teach other about the benefits of your products and services of a training video.  I host my videos on You Tube so I get attention there yet pin to Pinterest too. In your videos, you can also include testimonials to get your message out in different ways. Some people love the look of quotes and will read those while others would rather watch a video.
4. Share “How To” Tips. Help your customers by giving them ‘how to’ tips. If you are a wedding planner, then give them some important tips on how to shop for the best and least expensive wedding dress. Or give ideas on how to plan the best outdoor wedding. When you give valuable tips, your followers will spend more time on your website and you may get more business.
Eye-catching-pinterest-pinsOffer Digital or Online Training Programs
5. Turn product solutions into an infographic.  Infographics are very popular and get a lot of attention. If you share something of value on your products, then the infographic will get more repins and you will reach more customers. It doesn’t have to cost you a dime to create an infographic, get free resources in this article Free Infographic Tools.



If you want to learn Pinterest users behaviors so you can sell more on Pinterest. Then REGISTER for this free online webinar.  You will want to grab your pen and paper for lots of note taking.  Click here to REGISTER!

make money on pinterest webinar

6. Share impressive statistics.  Create graphics that portray current statistics that support the product or the industry.  Infographics are great visual for this type of data.  Most people think they don’t have the right skill set to create one but that just isn’t true.  I offer a great training that gives you 5 free infographic online programs for free.  They have a lot of templates to get you started quickly.  Get help by clicking here.
7. Video solutions. People are always looking for answers to their problems. So produce a video that shows how your product or offering can help give a solution to their problems. Sales is really about fixing other people’s problems, when you do this, you will gain more customers.
8. Offer previews of your online training course. Letting them test drive your online program gives them a little taste but can keep them coming back for more. Let them test it out for 48 hours and then they can upgrade to the paid program. If you are looking for additional Pinterest training, then register for my Profit Pinning webinar, click here.
Pinterest Webinar

Sell Physical Products

9. Show your product in use. One of the biggest mistakes when offering physical products is only showing a picture of the product itself. Many times, people don’t always see themselves using the product until they see how it influences their lifestyle. When you show people using or enjoying your products, then they can visualize themselves using it too.
10. Use images that show how a product is a solution to a problem. This is another way to reach your customers by showing how your product will solve their problems.
11. Repin customer support.  What are your customers saying about your brand?  Repin images from other customers and how they are using your product.  Sometimes your customers get more creative about your products than your brand will.
12. Offer coupons or discounts. People love coupons or special deals and have a tendency to repin and share with their followers.
13. Pin customer testimonials. Again, testimonials are great especially in video. You can run a contest asking for your customers to film a 2 minute video telling why they love the product and you can give away a prize to the best video. Then you will have a lot of videos to pin on Pinterest.

Affiliate Programs & Shopping Carts

14. Link images to the type of affiliates or products you are offering.

  • Amazon Associates. You can sign up for free and offer products that link back to Amazon. I started a social media bookstore.
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Clickbank
  • Shopify Store

Build Your Email / Client List

No matter what size your business, you need to always be growing your client list. This means you have an opt-in page that will gather your customer’s name and email so you can continue to communicate about new services, promotions, and products over time. Below are ideas on how to give a valuable offering your customer will want so they will enter their name and email. If you need more training, read another blog article How to Build Your Email List Using Pinterest.

15. Use Canva for amazing images.  Canva is the easiest way to get create to create a Pinterest pin.  At most it costs you a $1 and it is a drag and drop.  You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create highly engage-able pins.
16. Focus on offering a giveaway. Maybe a free report, free e-book, video training, etc.  I have a lot of free resources for my customers.  Below is a download cheat sheet to help build the perfect Pinterest profile.
17. Run a contest.  It isn’t difficult to get a contest going that will capture lots of attention.  Learn from some of the big brand in this article, click here.
18. Use a call to action on the pin.  You will receive 80% MORE engagement from Pinterest users if you include a call to action.  This means “tell” them what to do: click me, repin me, join our text club, etc.
19. Link your eye-catching images to a landing page. Be sure that your picture is clear on the subject and it matches your offer on the landing page. You don’t want your followers to view your pins as spam.
These are just 19 ideas to help get you started. Making money using Pinterest isn’t easy and you must be creative on how you represent your business, services and products as well as always be pinning.
Comment below…What are you doing on Pinterest that is helping you increase your business sales and earn a profit? Let me know in the comments below and get the conversation going!



If you want to learn Pinterest users behaviors so you can sell more on Pinterest. Then REGISTER for this free online webinar.  You will want to grab your pen and paper for lots of note taking.  Click here to REGISTER!

make money on pinterest webinar

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