13 Tips to Get More Followers on Pinterest

More Pinterest Followers

Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Following

How do you increase Pinterest followers?

Hello fellow pinners!  Many people have asked me how to increase their Pinterest followers.  I remember when I first got started on Pinterest and I was searching for the same answer.  Well, after my time of practicing, I wanted to share with you 13 ways to increase Pinterest followers.  Who said the number 13 isn’t lucky!

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Pinterest Followers

Tip #1: Invite & Follow Others:  The best way to get followers in the beginning is to begin following your Facebook friends that have a Pinterest account.  Sometimes Pinterest works similar to twitter and people will follow you just because you started following them first.  Your ultimate goal is to connect with others that are like-minded so even though some of your friends may not be excited about your business, you need to increase your following number for credibility.

Tip #2: New Pinterest Users:  When you sign up for Pinterest notifications, you will receive an email letting you know when one of your Facebook friends joins Pinterest.  I will follow them and then send them a message through Pinterest (yes you can do this now) welcoming them to Pinterest.

Tip #3: Integrate Pinterest with Your FaceBook Page:  Facebook is a great way to promote your personal Pinterest profile and you can integrate your Pinterest profile with your Facebook Fan Page.  It will appear in the apps section of your page.  I use WooBox and it is free.  For a FREE download on How to Integrate Pinterest with Facebook, click here!

Tip #4: Post Your Pinterest URL on FaceBook:  I like to promote my Pinterest account, boards and pins.  All you have to do is copy the url and post it in your Facebook status.

Tip #5:  Pin Newsworthy Content:  To increase Pinterest followers, be seen as a leader in your industry – not just someone who repins content from other people.  To gain credibility, create pins for news items within your industry.  Infographics are very popular and it can cost you nothing.  That is right, you can curate your own infographics.

Tip #6:  Expand Your Boards:  This should go without saying, but when you offer plenty of different boards across a wide variety of interests and topics, you’re creating more opportunities for people to follow you.  You should have a balance of boards relevant to your business and boards with your personal hobbies and activities to reach a larger group of people.

Tip #7:  Arrange a Pin Exchange:  While it’s considered inappropriate to pin your own content too often, you can always team up with other site owners or retailers in your industry to organize a “pin exchange” that allows more of your content seeded on to Pinterest without your direct involvement.

Tip #8: Make it Easy to Pin Your Content:  Integrating Pinterest buttons into your blog posts, product pages and other areas of your site can help boost the number of times your content is pinned and lead to new followers for your profile.  Click here to learn how to use Pinterest Widget to create an image “pin it” button.

Tip #9:  Use Pinterest to Create Tutorials:  As an example, you have a website that teaches affiliate marketing.  You could create a “step-by-step” tutorial board, where you feature links to different articles from around the web on topics like choosing affiliate products to promote, building traffic to your site, and improving conversions.

Tip #10:  Write Searchable Pin Captions:  One of the best ways that people find new Pinterest users to follow is by searching the site for interesting key phrases to uncover new pinned content.  If your pins don’t appear in these searches, you’re losing potential followers that could have subscribed to your boards.  Don’t simply stuff your pins full of meaningless keywords, but at the same time, don’t use basic captions like, “So funny!”

Tip #11:  Create Boards to Supplement Your Posts:  Alternatively, why not create a Pinterest board that’s built around one of your blog posts.  For example, if you run a dog training tips website and recommend several different products in a new blog post, create a Pinterest board tied to this post that shares these recommendations in a visual way.  Doing so makes your content more engaging and gives readers a reason to follow your profile.

Tip #12:  Improve Your Board Naming Structure:  Giving each board on your Pinterest profile a fun and unique, but understandable, name is a crucial part of attracting new followers.  Since many subscribers choose to only follow the boards that are most relevant to them, it’s important that your board names make it immediately clear what each of your boards are about.

Tip #13:  Pinterest Widgets:  Pinterest offers a lot of resources to promote your profile, boards, and pins.  A lot of business owners don’t understand that these widgets can be and SHOULD be used on your website.

Pinterest Widgets

Start to Increase Pinterest Followers

After you start using these 13 tips,  you’ll start increasing your Pinterest following in no time. Your following will grow, expanding your online presence and ultimately maximizing your marketing efforts for your business. A high following will present you as thought-leader, trend-setter, or just plain popular. People will want to see why others have chosen to follow you, what you have to offer, and if they like what they see, probably even start following you.

What other GREAT ideas do you have to gain followers? Share it by commenting below! Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

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