Pinterest Board Tips Making Nordstrom Successful on Pinterest

What You Need to Create Interesting Pinterest Boards

Pinterest branding will be a little unique as the layout of the Pinterest platform is completely different than other social media networks.  Branding on Pinterest is all about the boards you create, the creativity in the board name, how you organize them, and the images you pin.

You may not own a huge company like Nordstrom, but there isn’t any reason why you can’t use some of their same marketing techniques for your brand.   Nordstrom is incredibly successful on Pinterest!  They not only pin their products on Pinterest but they also bring Pinterest into their store.

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7 Pinterest Board Tips to Nordstrom’s Success

I have been watching Nordstrom on Pinterest for awhile for many reasons.  One, I love shopping at Nordstrom and second I get a lot of good ideas from spending time on their Pinterest boards.  These are tips that I see Nordstrom doing that you can do for your brand too.


1. Board Names.  The more unique your board names are to your brand the stronger the story you can tell.  So get creative with your board names, especially to support your audience.   Make sure you deliver enough variety and also be specific in your board names.  Here are a few examples from Nordstrom.  Instead of naming the board Purses, they chose Arm Candy.  This is cute and women know exactly what pins are pinned to this board.

Pinterest_Board_Name                Pinterest_Board_Name2

2.  Be Specific.  Help your audience find what they want by naming your boards specifically.  Just by the name “Pick Pink”, you know this board will contain different products that are pink.

think_pink                      holiday_cheer

3. Board Category.  Pinterest has pre-determined categories, and every time you pin, your pins can end up in the general stream of these categories and can be seen by everyone. If you don’t place your pins in the right category, you’ll lose out on reaching new customers and followers.

For example, if you’re pinning pictures of the food you serve at your restaurant; make sure it can be found in the Food & Drinks category.  If you are a wedding planner, then you will want to choose weddings as your category for many of your boards.  If you put it in the wrong category, it will still be seen, just not by the right audience.

pinterest category

4. Board Descriptions.  Pinterest is telling a story through your graphics and pins.  You also want to include a description for each board to help tell your brand’s story.  This can also help pinners find your boards in their searches by using the correct keywords.  In this example below, there are many keywords to support the board name: little kid, infant, baby, toddler, etc.



5. Link to the Correct Website Page.  Pinterest’s #1 purpose is to drive traffic from the pin to your company’s website.  The image or infographic is used to capture the viewer’s attention and get them to take action.  So when the pin is clicked, it takes them to something of value or something your customer wants to buy.  If you are pinning a specific product, then don’t link to the main page on your website, click it directly to the page the guest can get more information about the product or they can purchase it.

Make it easy for the Pinterest user to find exactly what they want from your website, because if you don’t, they will bounce off your website immediately.  Pinterest users can see where the pin is linked at the bottom of the pin.  This pin is linked to


Successful companies have learned how to build their email list by pinning on Pinterest.  It is highly effective for me and it can work for you too.  All you need to do is learn how to build your email list on Pinterest.

6. Board Cover Picture.  The board cover is your PRIME real estate.  The last pin you pin on the board will appear in this window.  You want to make sure you have the BEST picture showing on each board.  So you want to edit each board after pinning photos to it.


7. Rearrange Your Boards.  When you click on a company’s Pinterest account, think about what draws your eyes to certain boards.  Where do you want your visitor’s eyes to be drawn?  Typically your users will view the first two rows first, so make them count.  You can rearrange your boards so those first two rows promote exactly what you want.


What are your thoughts?