Pinterest Boards that Sell Products For You

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards that Do the Selling for You!

Highly effective Pinterest Boards can really grab your customers attention and start doing the selling for you when you set them up right.  Pinterest has so much to offer for all different types of companies, online marketers, photographers, and freelancers.  Of course, the list doesn’t stop there.  Every brand should be on Pinterest and take advantage of this new growing social network.  However, many are making mistakes by not paying attention to the details of their Pinterest boards.

Pinterest attracts customers through individual pins but can really gain followers from the boards unique names, relevant content, and vibrant, high-quality images.

Attract More Buying Customers with Pinterest

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Pinterest Marketing Storytelling9 Tips for Highly Effective Pinterest Boards

Follow these simple tips to ensure you are getting the most attention for your brand and offer the most for your followers.

1) Pinning

Branding on Pinterest is ALL about the boards and content you provide.  This requires a thought process and planning.  To ensure you gain followers, you need to provide what they are looking for and it adds value.

For example, if you sell shoes then you need more than just board after board with pictures of shoes.  You want to connect with your audience and appeal to their emotions and how the shoes you offer help them.  Lifestyle pictures help to create a picture and create an emotional connection!

pinterest tips

My Mom would want a lifestyle of comfort but cute flats.  I want tall boots and heels that make me feel sexy when I go out on the town with my husband or just for a night out with the girlfriends.

Pinterest is about showing your product or services through a lifestyle that people can relate to and to give a solution to their problems.

2) Board Names

The more unique to your brand the stronger the story you can tell through your pictures.  So get creative with your board names, especially to support your company’s culture.  Look at Southwest Airlines, their story starts from the beginning with their vintage board, they share where they fly to, tips for a traveler to be more comfortable and what they can do in-flight   See all their board here:

SW Airlines Pinterest

Here are some suggestions for board that may get you started.  Remember, your boards need to support your target market and tell your brand’s story.

  • Company or Personal Storyboard
  • Social Media Board – Socialize with Us
  • Product Board, don’t forget to include lifestyle pictures too!
  • Quotes (Using Images that support your brand)
  • “How To”
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Testimonials
  • Coupon Board
  • VIP boards or loyal customers

3) Categorize Pins Correctly

Pinterest has pre-determined categories, and every time you pin, your pins can end up in the general stream of these categories and can be seen by everyone. If you don’t place your pins in the right category, you’ll lose out on the right targets. For example, if you’re pinning pictures of the food from your restaurant menu, make sure it can be found in the ‘Food & Drinks’ category so that it will be seen by people looking for food and drinks. If you put it in the wrong category, it will still be seen, just not by the right audience.

4) Board Descriptions

Pinterest is telling a story through your graphics and pins.  You also want to include a description for each board to help tell your story.  This can also help pinners find your boards in their searches.

pinterest board description

5) Linking to Valuable Resources

Pinterest is used to connect to something outside of Pinterest.  The graphic or pin is used to capture their attention and match an interest, then when they click on the pin, it will take them to something of value or something they want.  Be sure to always give credit where credit is due!  If you pin it from a source, you need to include that link or give credit on the photo.  It is best when you can pin a picture you took or a graphics you created so you can connect to one of your blog articles or your website.

6) Board Cover Picture

The last pin you place on Pinterest will appear in the main visual box.  So will need to change this so the picture fits into the box and it will capture your viewers’ attention.  Look at these pins below.  The one on the right can’t be read and isn’t centered correctly while the one on the left show exactly what I want my followers to see and the message readable.

pinterest board cover

7) Rearrange Your Boards

When you click on a company’s Pinterest account, think about what draws your eye to certain boards.  Where do you want your visitors to be drawn to?

The majority of the people will focus on the boards that are in the top center and then will move their eyes from left to right.  Most of them will only focus on the top row.  So rearrange your boards so that your target market or Pinterest visitors know exactly what you offer.

When you are viewing your boards, the last pin will appear in the bigger box portion.  You want to ensure you are using the real estate to your advantage.  You want to make sure you have the BEST picture showing on each board.  So you want to edit each board.

8) Create Contributor Boards

By enabling other users to contribute their own pins to your boards, you give fans and customers an outlet to interact with you and get involved in your marketing.  You could ask your customers to pin images that showcase the lifestyle they enjoy because of your brand or the way they use your product or service and how it improves their life.  Contributor boards are a great way to leverage customer testimonials in a unique and visual way.

One of the big reasons why you want to invite others to contribute to your board is that YOUR board will show up in their personal board feed.  This can get you more followers.

9) Use Secret Boards

I love the secret boards because it gives me an opportunity to build a new board and take my time finding the right pins.  I can get it organized and in a good spot before I make it public.  By organizing a board privately, I don’t have multiple boards with only a couple of pins.  I had quality boards even when I got started.

You can also have other members of your team pin on a secret board and you are able to finalize the board prior to posting publicly   So you can collaborate with your team.

Use a secret board when you are planning a promotion or contest so you can have all the details completed before making is visible.  It can also be great preparing for a seasonal product before it launches at a particular time of the year.  Once you make is visible, you CANNOT make it secret again.

Summarizing Creating Highly Effective Pinboards

When using these 9 Pinterest board tips, you will deliver on what user are expecting and you will grow your following faster and increase your traffic to help meet all your business goals!


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