Pinterest Tips for Authors: Creative Ways to Promote Your Book

Pinterest Tips for Authors

Pinterest Creative Tips for Authors

Pinterest marketing for authorsAuthors have a special place in my heart, especially since I became one this year.  For the past ten years I wanted to write books and now with Amazon and Kindle self-publishing it couldn’t be easier.

I learned the biggest problem for authors isn’t finding ideas for their next book, it is how do I sell it once it is written.  Maybe you have a well-known publisher handling your public relations, but every publisher wants to know how big is your social media influence?  They expect you to contribute to the marketing efforts to promote your work.  As an author, you need to understand how to promote your book so I want to share some simple ideas to influence readers on Pinterest.

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8 Creative Tips for Authors to Promote Books on Pinterest

1) Book Images

I know this is a no-brainer but I still feel that it needs a mention.  There are many different ways to pin your book images.  To make it more personal you can take a picture of you with your book, you can promote just the book image, and you can create an image of all the books in a series like Kristen Ashley.  Also, you can use the actual image from amazon too.

Pinterest for Authors

2) Book Reviews

Pin pictures that will link directly to any book reviews you received.  This is a great way to show-off positive reviews and for the reader to gain more information about your book.

3) Book Quotes

Pull out the best lines from your book and turn it into a quote image.  People LOVE quotes on Pinterest and it is a great way to get a pin to go viral.  Don’t forget to include the book name and your name as the author on the quote.  Read my article Create Quotes that Get Pinned on Pinterest to get a list of free resources that help you create quotes within seconds.

Pinterest for Authors

4) Blog Images

Since you are an author I am sure you  have a blog, RIGHT?  You can create images for each post that gets pinned on Pinterest. From there, pin each new blog image with the blog post title and a link back to the post.  I usually create more than one image with the blog title to get more traffic to my articles.

Pinterest for Authors

5) Create Specific Board Themes

Feature images based on topics from your book. For example, if you’re an author of a cookbook, you can share “Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Living.” If you wrote a book on parenting, you could share pictures of educational toys. If you write science fiction, create some boards that have to do with science fiction – remember you want to draw like-minded people to your profile – people who may be interested to buy and read your books. It is not hard to create a variety of boards to engage people who may be interested in your book topics.

Pinterest for Authors

6) Giveaway Valuable Information

Have you ever signed up to receive something for free on the internet?  Of course you have. People love to get information for free. This is the best way to gather emails so you can continue to communicate with your fan base and promote future books.  There are many different ways to do this, you can give-away a free chapter, information report like Dave Ramsey, or have an assessment on your website.

Pinterest for Authors

7) Relevant Affiliate Products

Offering other products that relate to your book topics is a great way to offer additional value to your Pinterest followers.  If you link the images to Amazon, then you maybe able to make a few extra bucks through their associate program.  It is free to sign up and it allows you to offer more products that compliment you as an author without carrying inventory.

Pinterest for Authors

8) Infographic-style Videos

As an author you may not like this, but creating videos is a great way to promote your book. The only negative on Pinterest is that videos don’t get a lot of attention.  However, you can increase the viral activity by taking screen shots of the video and creating an infographic-style pin that will get more attention.

Pinterest for authors

I hope these ideas help you use Pinterest in a way that can truly increase your book sales.  I would love to connect with you on Pinterest, so click here to follow me.  Write a comment on one of my pins asking me to follow you.  We can continue to learn from each other.

It’s Your Turn…

Did I forget anything in my idea list?  What other great ideas do you have to promote your books on Pinterest?  Write in the comments at the bottom of this article.

What are your thoughts?