Pinterest Marketing: Creative Ways to Sell Products

Selling Products with Pinterest is a Snap

There are many creative ways to sell products on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, many business owners don’t take the time to invest in photography or to shed their products in a different light.  Once you have the ideas, pinning the image is a snap!

6 Creative Ways to Sell Products using Pinterest

There many ways to sell your products on Pinterest in a creative, fun way.  Here 6 ways to get your imagination flowing.

Attract More Buying Customers with Pinterest

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1.  Feed the Imagination
This is one of the biggest mistakes I see with pinning products on Pinterest.  Remember Pinterest was created to act as a dream board.  Will people buy everything they pin?  Absolutely not, but it is a place where they pin to buy right away or to come back and buy later.  If you don’t get your customers to see themselves using your products or to visualize how they fit into your home, then you could be missing out on sales!  So try to avoid only showing a picture of the product itself.
Pinterest products     Pinterest Products
2.  Give them Solutions
Does your product be used differently than just for one use?  Does it solve a problem that people are searching for?  Use images to show how your product is THE solution to a common problem.  You see I didn’t know that Windex could clean a seat cushion, did you?
pinterest products
3. Create a Gift Catalog
Did you know Pinterest has a gift category?  Placing your products in this category makes it easy for your customers to buy your products.  You can promote creating a board with your gift ideas for specific occasions and then include a price in the description so your products will appear in the gifts category.
pinterest gifts
4. Share Customer Ideas
Many times, our customers are the ones that find a creative way to use our products.  Even if the use isn’t all that creative, it is marketing your business for your.  So repin images from other customers Pinterest profiles showing how they are using your products.
pinterest productspinterest products
5. Keep it All Connected
Please, please, please link your products to your product page.  I see businesses linking a product to their blog page.  Why, why, why?  You want to make purchasing the product in the pin simple with fewer clicks for your buyer. Your goal is to have 80% of your pin linked back to a relevant website page.
pinterest products
6. Give them a Deal
Let’s face it, people want a deal!  They are looking for the best price for quality products.  If it fits your business model and your goals, then offer coupons or discounts.  People love coupons and have a tendency to repin and share with their followers.
The more ways you can show your products where someone can relate to their life, then you have a winner!  People can shop individual products on a website, Pinterest is to give inspiration to buy and to show the different ways your products help enhance your customer’s life!
I want to hear from you!  What other creative ideas do you have to show your products?

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