Steps to Create an Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

interest Marketing Strategy Tips

When comparing all the social media sites, Pinterest is one that experienced some of the biggest growth in the past couple of years.

In fact, Bizrate Insights states 70% of people on social media visit Pinterest to gain inspiration of what to buy.  So if you aren’t marketing your business on Pinterest, then you are missing out on the possibility of reaching a large percentage of people surfing and purchasing products online.

Attract More Buying Customers with Pinterest

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Pinterest Marketing Strategy


With that said, you shouldn’t hop on Pinterest and start pinning without a marketing plan.  However, this is the biggest mistakes that most business owners make with social media.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

How does a Clear Pinterest Marketing Plan Improve your Business?

You are in a hurry to represent your brand on Pinterest.  I get it, you needs sales like yesterday.  You want to your business represented on Pinterest quickly while producing profits as the same time.  So you begin to create images, pinning them on Pinterest, and you don’t see any increase to your website traffic.  What went wrong?  Unfortunately, pinning on Pinterest just to pin and get your name out their quickly isn’t always the best strategy.

The best Pinterest marketing strategy is one that is well-thought out, it has clear goals, and a transparent message you want your viewers to understand.  When you take the time to map out your marketing strategy, then you will gain the following for your business.

Five Ways to Use Pinterest as Your Marketing Strategy

1. Engage New Audiences

When you plan correctly, Pinterest can help you attract and interact with a new audience.  The goal of the site is for you to pin, comment, and share other people’s images, which can increase traffic to your website and generate sales.

By sharing the correct content, you will interact with existing followers which is proven to increase the exposure of your pins to more people.  This happens because your details and website is displayed below the pin which gives the viewer an opportunity to visit your home page or a product page on your website.

2. Using Group Boards

If you want to boost interaction on your boards then you can create a group board.  This is where you invite your followers to pin on your board.  You will want to invite potential customers into your board campaign.  Once you get users pinning on this board, you gain insight on their interests and what they enjoy pinning.

3. Market Research Tool

Pinterest is a great way to spy on your competition and conduct market research for your target market.  One of the best techniques is to use their search bar and type in your most relevant keywords.   You can see if there are any pinners, pin, and boards using this keyword.  I always pay attention to the board names because from there you will see a variety of pins and the profiles that are repinning content that applies to your business.

4. Tell Your Brand’s Story

More than 76% of the users on Pinterest are women.  Let’s face it, women are emotional buyers!  They are also loyal to brands that they relate to and will tell all their friends about the products they believe in.  Because Pinterest is all images, you can tell your brand’s story through the board names and the pins you create to build a loyal fan base and loyal buyers on Pinterest.  For storytelling ideas, read 8 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Pinterest.

5. Complete Profile

To gain followers you must interact with them, so when you do, your profile needs to represent your brand.  For your profile to attract new followers you must include relevant information on your company and an eye-catching profile picture.  Don’t forget to include a link back to your website as this is one of the most important parts of your profile.  This will help encourage traffic from Pinterest to your website.  There are six ways to optimize your profile, if you don’t know those, then visit this article [insert profile article here]

Five Steps to Writing a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

  • Have you already wasted a lot of time on social media?
  • Do you post or pin pictures without seeing any results?

The best way to start achieving results is to follow these 5 steps!  Each step contains a series of IMPORTANT questions that every business owner SHOULD answer before pinning on Pinterest.  Once you finish answering all the questions in these steps, you can start killing it on Pinterest in a very short amount of time.

It only took 15 minutes to write out my Pinterest Marketing strategy.  My strategy increased my website traffic by 84% within 3 months.  Now that is major impact!


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