How to Leverage Social Media Momentum by Marketing on Pinterest

social media momentum

How to Build Social Media Momentum

Are you tired of spending all your time creating images to post on social media only to figure out that is ALL you spend your time on?  Then how much additional time do you spend checking to see the number of likes and shares for each image only to be disappointed?

If you are a solopreneuer, you better be spending your time creating content or working on growing your product line instead of more time creating images to post or pin.  But how can you do that when your time is consumed by needing more posts, images and creative ideas?  Well, it is very difficult.  I want to give you another way out of that insanity circle.

Attract More Buying Customers with Pinterest

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Which Platform Gives you Leverage on Social Media?

I want to only review three platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Twitter tweets are measured to last from minutes up to days.
  • Facebook posts are measured to last from hours up to days.
  • Pinterest pins are measured to last from days to months!

Why Does Pinterest have more Leverage than the others?

Consumers use Pinterest different than other social media.  While Facebook and Twitter are mostly used to reminisce the past or analyze the present.

Boards are created by the users to be aspirational – weddings, do-it-yourself decorating, arts and crafts, and party recipes – which means that pins can be repinned so many times over as long as there are users.

I increased my sales WITHOUT using Facebook or Twitter for the past 2 years more than 63%.  Watch this short 5 minute video to hear my story and see examples of how to market on Pinterest for your business and get the same results.

So tell me, what has held you back from having success on Pinterest?  Give me some feedback in the comments so I can help you along your journey!


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