My Favorite Tools to Create Awesome Images for Social Media

Create Images Social Media

Simple Tools to Create Images for Social Media

In 2008, I spent $3,500 on Adobe Creative programs!  Ouch, I did this because I needed to create better images for my business and products to promote on social media.  Back then Facebook was just getting started and it wouldn’t be but a few years business owners would be swarming on social media.  During this time, user-friendly online programs to create images didn’t exist. Most people had to pay graphic designers or try to become one.  Since I prefer to learn new trades, I spent a lot of money and time teaching myself Photoshop, Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator.  I definitely gained additional skills but then found myself spending more time creating images instead of developing new, quality content for my blog.

I don’t want you to waste your time like I did.  Now there are awesome programs to help you create professional, vibrant, images for social media in just minutes.  These tools are incredibly easy and you don’t need any graphic design skills.  All you need is a little creativity!

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Now I know that you are creative or you wouldn’t be on my website searching for Pinterest ideas to promote your business.  Even the most creative need a little help sometime right?  If you want some pointers on what images to create, check out the blog post by clicking the link below.

Create Eye-Catching Images for Pinterest Success

Different Types of Social Media Images

In this blog article, I want to give you my favorite online image programs that are so simple to use. Second, quotes perform really well on social media, so there is a link to an article with the top free instant quote creators.  Lastly, I want to direct you to an area in the blog to create the popular infographics that get a ton of repins on Pinterest.

Social Media Image Creators


My favorite feature of PixTeller is how quick you can change the size of the font.  In most programs you have to select a pixel size, but not in PixTeller.  It is a simple drag and let off the mouse.  The font will grow as you expand the text box and the font will get smaller as the box gets smaller. Love this feature!  You can roll with their free version or pay for an upgrade.  To keep your gallery of creations private, you must pay for a membership.  If you use the free version, your images are available for others to see and use. You can download your images for free.


I have used Canva more than any other online image creator.  They were amazing when they first got started and they continue to improve their features. Most of the images and features you can choose from are free.  However, you can use some of their better quality images and stamps that cost a dollar.  When you first pay the dollar, you can go back into that image and make any adjustments and download again without paying additional money.  They also offer an annual membership with additional features.

I love how you can create an ebook to use as a giveaway to attract new customers or build your list. Lastly, you can create images by selecting the exact template size you are using the image for: Pinterest images, twitter cover, Facebook cover image, brochure, business cards, etc.


I almost feel like I shouldn’t have to write anything about PicMonkey because this was the first online image software that I heard about.  It does have different features that I haven’t seen with other image creators.  You are able to do use image touch up features similar to Photoshop yet easy to use.  If you have an image of a person that has red-eyes in the photo, that can be fixed among other imperfections in the photo.  Pic Monkey makes it very easy to resize images as well.  Flash player needs to be installed on your computer for it to operate.  You can use many features in PicMonkey for free or you can upgrade to a premium membership for as little as $3.99 a month.

Optimize Pinterest Profile


Fotojet has a very similar layout to Canva with similar feature symbols to PicMonkey.  If you have worked in Canva before, then it won’t take you long to get up to speed using Fotojet.  Both of these similar image creators allow you to upload pictures directly from Facebook too.  A little different than Canva, Fotojet offers a discounted monthly rate when you pay the annual charges upfront or $4.99 a month.

Instant Quote Images

Quotes are always popular and get a lot of repins on Pinterest and attention on social media.  If you want to use quotes to add some fun and spice to your Pinterest images, then check out this post for a lot of different, free options.

Create Quotes that Get Pinned on Pinterest

Infographics for Social Media

Many people believe it is difficult to create an infographic but it isn’t.  It can be time consuming to plan the content and layout; however, once this is completed it shouldn’t take you long with these great resources and templates.  On Pinterest, videos don’t always perform as most would like, so I have an article that will give you one amazing pointer for more repins.  Check out the blog article by clicking the link below.

How Video Infographics Increase Video Repins on Pinterest

If you need additional training on Infographics, check out my course below.


New & Fresh Ideas for Pinterest Images

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After pinning images for awhile, you will need some new, fresh ideas to charge up your creativity.

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Pin Ideas


I didn’t want to share more then four resources for creating images because these are all amazing and I want you to just get started.  If I gave to many option you wouldn’t know where to begin.  To get started, select one and give it a try.  Don’t spend too much time creating an image right away; just surf through all the features of these resources and see which out of these is your favorite.  Then create your first of many images for social media!  Have fun!