How Video Infographics Increase Video Repins on Pinterest

Video Infographics

How to Create a Video Infographic

video infographic on PinterestThe Disappointment of Video on Pinterest

I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the lack of performance of my videos on Pinterest.  My You Tube channel continues to gain new subscribers even though it may have been months since I uploaded my last video.  Yet the same videos on Pinterest don’t have any likes, comments, or shares.  What is going on?

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Well, I have a theory!  The images on Pinterest that gain the most attention are vibrant, high resolution, and are larger such as infographics.  So what would happen when you turn a video into an infographic?

A video would go from looking like this on Pinterest…


to looking like this…

Pinterest for authors

How to Create a Video Infographic

Video infographics will definitely capture more attention than just pinning the video from You Tube.  Yes, it may take a little more work, but it should be worth it to gain more repins for your videos.

I have Adobe Illustrator so it doesn’t take me long to create an infographic like the one above. However, most people do not have this type of software.  The other way I have built a video infographic is in PowerPoint.  There are 8 steps but this should only take you about 10 minutes at the most to have a completed infographic.

Step 1:  Use Jing to capture multiple still shots of your video.  [You can download jing for free, click here]

Step 2:  Insert one still video picture on each slide.  You can have as many slides as you want but be sure not to make the infographic too long.

Step 3:  Save the slides as image.  Simply go to File Save As and select PNG (Portable Network Graphics). This is critical as PNG is the ONLY file type that will give your infographics the high quality they need for publishing.  Save the images on your desktop so they are easier to find.

Step 4: Go to a Free Online Tool.  Your slides will be saved in a separate folder. After you save your slides as PNG, go to your browser and navigate to Here, select the option to “Open Image from Computer.” Find your saved folder from Step 3, and select the first slide (the very top of your infographic), and open.

Step 5:  Copy and Paste.  Now all you have to do is open the rest of your slides saved as PNG’s by going to File and then Open. Use Control-A to select the entire slide, then hit Edit Copy. Then go to your image with the increased Height, and paste! You can move around the image to ensure all the pieces are lining up correctly.

Step 6:  Repeat.  Continue to copy and paste your slides until your entire infographic is pieced together! Once you’re done, you can use the crop tool in the toolbar to crop the infographic and eliminate any extra white space added by adjusting the canvas height in step two.

Step 7:  Save as PNG.  When you’re done, you once again need to ensure you save the file in PNG format to ensure optimal visual quality.

Step 8:  Go to Pinterest and pin on the correct board name.  Be sure to edit the pin with the blog article URL or the You Tube video URL.

Voila…you created and pinned a video infographic on Pinterest.

I’d love to hear your thoughts?  What other software can you easily create infographics for Pinterest?  Just include your ideas in the comments below. I look forward to learning from you!


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