Lack of Consistency is Death to Your Social Media Presense

Brand Consistency

Breathe Life into Your Social Media Presence with Consistency As a small business owner, finding time to manage my business and family life is a big challenge. I am sure you can relate! Raising three children, handling finances, home maintenance, creating new content, and marketing my business doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Unfortunately,…

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My Favorite Tools to Create Awesome Images for Social Media

Create Images Social Media

Simple Tools to Create Images for Social Media In 2008, I spent $3,500 on Adobe Creative programs!  Ouch, I did this because I needed to create better images for my business and products to promote on social media.  Back then Facebook was just getting started and it wouldn’t be but a few years business owners…

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Learn How to Make Money with Pinterest

Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money Marketing on Pinterest Why are so many business owners beginning to focus on Pinterest? Pinterest has so much power  in the social media world and they just continue to gain more and more attention.  I can’t believe the long life of a pin.  One of my most popular pins was pinned more than…

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Only Way to Create a Pinterest Profile that Performs

Optimize Pinterest Profile

Only Way to Optimize your Pinterest Profile One thing that many people take for granted is to “wing it” when setting up their Pinterest profile.  Let’s face it, most of us have done it on all our social media profiles.  I have done it too many times.  I was so anxious to get going that…

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How to Leverage Social Media Momentum by Marketing on Pinterest

social media momentum

How to Build Social Media Momentum Are you tired of spending all your time creating images to post on social media only to figure out that is ALL you spend your time on?  Then how much additional time do you spend checking to see the number of likes and shares for each image only to be…

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