Create Eye-Catching Images for Pinterest Success

Eye Catching Pins

How to Create Eye-Catching Pins for Pinterest Having success on Pinterest is ALL about catching someone’s eye.  The images that are most successful on Pinterest contain great color, clear resolution, with a simple message, and of course the correct size. Here are some simple pointers that can make all the difference in the world when you follow them while…

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11 Strategies to use Pinterest for Business

Make Money on Pinterest

How to use Pinterest for Business One of the biggest myths I have heard about Pinterest is that you can’t make money on Pinterest. This rumor had to be started by someone that didn’t invest the time and didn’t know how to properly use Pinterest for business. Simple Strategies on Pinterest Is it easy to…

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How Video Infographics Increase Video Repins on Pinterest

Video Infographics

How to Create a Video Infographic The Disappointment of Video on Pinterest I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the lack of performance of my videos on Pinterest.  My You Tube channel continues to gain new subscribers even though it may have been months since I uploaded my last video.  Yet the same…

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13 Tips to Get More Followers on Pinterest

More Pinterest Followers

Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Following How do you increase Pinterest followers? Hello fellow pinners!  Many people have asked me how to increase their Pinterest followers.  I remember when I first got started on Pinterest and I was searching for the same answer.  Well, after my time of practicing, I wanted to share with you…

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Pinterest Tips for Authors: Creative Ways to Promote Your Book

Pinterest Tips for Authors

Pinterest Creative Tips for Authors Authors have a special place in my heart, especially since I became one this year.  For the past ten years I wanted to write books and now with Amazon and Kindle self-publishing it couldn’t be easier. I learned the biggest problem for authors isn’t finding ideas for their next book,…

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